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The Native Americans/Indigenous People & Alessandra Photojournalism...

Dominic Alessandra's book entitled "Keeper's of The Fire" covers his photographic with The Indigenous peoples. What makes his photographs unique in that they were taken with a restored 1800's camera. This leather bound book is on display at Crowell Homestead in Hyannis, MA. along with other important artifacts. He has a 2nd book called "Keepers of The Fire 2". And A third book called "Honoring The Indigenous". The books also have descriptions of various tribes, and poetry next to his photo graphics.  Dominic is available this season on Cape Cod to give folks a tour of the property and discuss his life's work in relation to Sea Captains Row.  

$25 Donation, for a signed 8 X 12 of these photos and others. Shipping and packaging is separate.  Also, larger sizes are available. 

"For me, a photograph can be everything or nothing…Nothing... as a mirror image... or the glossy reflection of an excessive, material, superficial and objective, celluloid world... Whether captured in silver, etched in copper, transferred in platinum, imprinted or embossed in gold  and/ or measured in mega pixels...when there is no spirit within... “Only in quiet, peaceful waters do things mirror themselves undistorted...Only in a quiet mind can a person find any adequate perception of whom they are.”  Within that idea it  can be…Everything ...  especially when making a connection to what is within... what is reflected upon,  out of view... expresses something , held in common, of  a shared understanding or perception; belief, human emotion, and tells a story, drama; or in our differences... shows love that touches the mind and heart, stirring the human soul... An inspiration moving the viewer closer to the  world around us .. where we stand and who we are, or were ...For me, it is the inspiration of my life, and the focus and mission for my photography...through the eye of the  camera... It is not what you see but what you can make others see.. Nation, ancestry, cultural heritage are important. What’s more important is what you become... not only for one self, race, or belief; not for dictating or taking advantage, excluding or coercing others... but advancing or defending the principles or means  for  empowering people to exercise their human rights to have the opportunity to choose for themselves to have, enjoy freedom... to choose and express their ideas, faith, education, work, health and welfare, responsibly .. to realize a more just and equal life   In artistry, as in life, sharing a light, a voice or image, from the past or present, expressing an indomitable spirit, freedom and hope ....are welcoming beacons of light  dancing  brightly against the darkness; or as the  inextinguishable glimmer of an  ember or burning coal in the night, glowing, giving warmth, shimmering, ... guiding and uniting  mankind  across the dark labyrinth and vastness of human existence.”   Dominic Alessandra

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