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                    The ongoing preservation of 35 Pleasant Street, one of the last of the standing Captain's houses...

Now in display at the Crowell Homestead is a reconstruction  of some of the historic architecture salvaged  within a courtyard setting dedicated to remembering and recognizing what was lost is protected and preserved. The Captain  Allen Crowell Homestead in partnership with the Keepers  of Sea Captains Row and Paxcorps is living  history and a  classroom  for discovery….an exhibition and place of past, present and timeless photography  across cultures, traditions, and ethnic  diversity, contributing  to education, art, and heritage into the 21 St. Century.


It's Mission; To bring back and preserve this notable Sea Captains Homestead  establishing a living 1850’s Historical  Nautical Home and Heritage Site . Secondly, to house  the  images  of  diverse cultures and  peoples across 7 seas and 7 continents,   exhibiting  original portraits,  prints, books, then  and  now, with personal and original  photographs  taken, using a large format vintage  camera,  as  timeless reflections, focusing on the Indigenous and Seafaring  Traditions,  keeping  in view, an ever changing,  even  vanishing world, for  present  and   future generations…And  to continue to record  their  portrayal  today, in  a  continuum  of culture,  heritage, and  ethnic  diversity, now entering  the 21 St Century... A  window into  which  we can see ourselves and others.


A  lasting testimony and cornerstone for human understanding for improving relationships, and for peaceful coexistence.

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