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The Crowell Homestead is the story of Captain Crowell and includes other prominent residents and ship masters of “Sea Captains Row”…the Historic Gateway to the Harbor,  to the Sea, to the Indigenous, to those pioneers of  Patriotic Liberty, of Faith and Freedom of  Choice . In 2016 Sea Captains Row was listed as one of 7 of the Most Endangered historic resources in Mass. Located at 35 Pleasant Street in Hyannis, it is literally is one of the last houses left that helps tell a great American story.  The various Captains that lived on this street, interacted with historic events such as; The Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, and The Spanish American War. Cape Cod in the 1800's had close to 700 different sea captains that traveled the world.

Learning about these topics is fun and adventurous!  The qualities and character of the sea captains should be shared and celebrated. The property is in a sense, a "time capsule" and the current owner, Dominic Alessandra has spent time and effort to preserve and collect artifacts relative to how the sea captains interacted with the community, including the indigenous peoples.  Pleasant Street was "the gateway to Hyannis Harbor".  At the top of the street and still standing is the original "Cash Block building".  "The Patriot Press" building is across the street as well. Dominic saved the old barn in the back of the House and is available to spend time and be a tour guide for folks that want to learn about the many captains that lived in the area. Such as William Crowell (1806-1865), Rodman Hallet (1822-1866), Jehial Simmons(1975-1878), Joseph Linell (1790-1863), Timothy Baker (1759-1816), William Bearse (1811-1889), Nelson Kelly, John Norris, and more.

This heritage site and property built in the 1850’s; highlights the era of Capt. Crowell his family , and his 50 year Maritime and sailing life  “Across 7 Seas”. Today it is a Living History Museum.  Crowell Homestead is one of the few remaining original Sea Captains Properties on Sea Captains Row that today tells a more complete  story.... From the  Indigenous and founding of Hyannis at one end of the “Row”, to the Father of Hyannis at the other.


Dominic is a photographer, and his work is exhibited in the  barn/ stable at 35 Pleasant Street. His collection of photos, called, The Alessandra Collection, represents work on the sea captains lives in conjunction with the interaction of peoples both home and around the globe.  His photography, filmed with a Victorian Camera from Whitby, England.  This camera captures  timeless portraits, glimpses of  a maritime past and life in Whitby , England continuing Across 7 continents, to show as well an indigenous perspective and their story.  There is also the story of The Native Americans,  of Adventure Learning, & the Preservation of 35 Pleasant Street.  

Guest Log Comment Dec 16th, 2019... "I wept reading about this precious piece of history that will be lost forever. We must preserve these valuable irreplaceable accounts of history. We must support and preserve this amazing man who is/has dedicated his life for the truth to be told." 


Dominic Alessandra is given local recognition as a Keeper of  Sea Captains Row history, is also known as  well, as a local  preservation, guide of The Capt. Allen Crowell Homestead .  As a well traveled resident, an accomplished photographer,  he has opened the door with an invitation that stands at the entrance  guiding visitors to “Explore the world around you”, .. the Crowell Homestead,  Sea Captains Row... Its all here at the museum to experience. It is found in sharing in the footsteps of Capt. Allen Crowell, across seven seas.  In following the voyages of Captain Cook across seven continents,  from Whitby, England.  It is also found  in the books prints and  collectibles in exhibit in the stable.  It is today about the blended history of Sea Captains Row and the community. Exploring and delving into the unique experiences of not only, Capt. Crowell, but many neighboring Sea  Captain's as well as residents who also lived on the Row, built homes there, and sailed the world. 




Dominic Alessandra 


Our invitation for you to further enjoy your passage here on Cape Cod... to welcome you to Pleasant St., also known as “Sea Captains Row”… and within this unique perspective and setting… to share in this Voyage into the past and into the present, to be moved and inspired and enriched…. And to take with you as a lasting memory and gift, perhaps an image, a story, or in the physical evidence in display, uncovered here, to carry away some ray of light ... a unity of spirit, the meeting place, crossroads, and bridge, towards a better understanding of the world around you." 

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