Is located at 35 Pleasant Street in Hyannis , Ma.  In the original Carriage House, is the Alessandra Photo and artifacts collection. Found against the original barn walls are authentic presentations in photographs representing the interactions and history of 'Sea Captains Row" in Hyannis, MA.

This ongoing exhibit also touches base visa/via photography & subject matter across various continents on a worldly scale.  This work started over 50 years ago when Dominic visited various places all around the world. He retraced the 18th Century voyages of several captains traveling to Whitby, England. And he was given a Victorian Camera that he restored. He took the camera with him on his journeys. 

Using his 18th Century Camera he photographed a lifetime endeavor to both share and unite.  His lenses captures the;  people, culture, continents and seas. These are on display at this historic place called The Crowell Homestead and teamed up with other artifacts regarding Hyannis Harbor and Pleasant Street. 


Our invitation for you to further enjoy your passage here on Cape Cod... to welcome you to Pleasant St., also known as “Sea Captains Row”… and within this unique perspective and setting… to share in this Voyage into the past and into the present, to be moved and inspired and enriched…. And to take with you as a lasting memory and gift, perhaps an image, a story, or in the physical evidence in display, uncovered here, to carry away some ray of light ... a unity of spirit, the meeting place, crossroads, and bridge, towards a better understanding of the world around you." 


Dominic Alessandra

Capt. Crowell's House  & The Barn

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